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Welcome to the St. Francis College Yearbook Archive.

About The Archive

The archive is a digitized collection of the St. Francis College yearbook, The Franciscan. The collection consists of 74 yearbooks (covering the years 1937 to 2012) with over 12,000 pages.

The yearbooks were gathered by Library staff who conducted an inventory and appraised the volumes. The yearbooks were then sent to Data Conversion Laboratory where they were scanned. Using Omeka, an open-source web archiving platform, library staff created a customized archive site where they uploaded the scans and added Dublin Core metadata to each item.

The Archive was officially made available to the public and research community in January 2020.

About The Franciscan

The St. Francis College Yearbook was first published in 1937. The first edition was known simply as Yearbook 1937 and then, from 1938, The Franciscan

From a technical standpoint, as the editors of the first Franciscan Yearbook in 1937 modestly explain, "All in all the book represents the best in art, in literary content,
in composition, and in design."