New Science Building

Yearbook 1966 - Illustrations of how SFC will look in 1968

How St. Francis College will look in 1968. (Yearbook 1966)

Yearbook 1969 - Construction Completion con't; Dedication

The completed Science Building (Yearbook 1969)

Shortly after moving to Remsen Street, work began on expanding and improving the campus to allow St. Francis to establish itself as a truly modern, urban college. The Franciscan reflected the sense of anticipation around these developments; the 1966 Yearbook provided illustrations of the proposed new Science Building and subsequent yearbooks tracked the progress of construction.

Once work had been finished, the 1969 Yearbook proudly showed off the completed building and the impact it will make on the college community:

"The Division moved into its new building in September 1968. The new science building is considered to be one of the finest undergraduate centers in the East. These new facilities will provide even greater initiative for the faculty to continue to promulgate an excellent scientific education for the student of St. Francis." (Yearbook 1969)