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Yearbook 2003 - Building the Genovesi Center

Construction work on the Genovesi Center (Yearbook 2003)

Yearbook 2004 - Volpe Visiting Professor; Genovesi Center

Cutting the ribbon on the Genovesi Center, October 22nd 2003 (Yearbook 2004)

Yearbook 2006 - New Academic Center

New Academic Center (Yearbook 2006)

Yearbook 2006 - Lounge Party; Valentine's Day

Lounge Party to celebrate the re-opening of the student lounge (Yearbook 2006)

In 2002, construction started on The Genovesi Center, a new athletics facility built on the roof of the existing gymnasium. Construction on the Genovesi Center was completed in Spring 2003. The center is named for former state assemblyman Antony J. Genovesi. 

Following the construction of the Genovesi Center, further improvements were made to the campus with the construction of the new academic center. The new academic center provided a new home for the SFC library and the student lounge. The Franciscan portrays a sense of excitement on campus about the return of the student lounge in particular: 

"The St. Francis College community finally got back its lounge on January 23rd after it had been closed for renovation and construction related to the new academic center. The new lounge has been completely renovated with brand new couches, tables and computer kiosks. The new lounge has become a welcoming place to new students and old, as well as a place for meeting up, hanging out, getting work done and even catching up with some missed sleep." (Yearbook 2006)

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